A Message from the Director, David Maddox


I trust that this message finds you and yours well and conquering the trying times we’ve all experienced over the past couple of months. I want to express my sincere appreciation to each and every one of you for your patience and your outstanding cooperation as we have made several changes to work schedules and requirements since the COVID 19 pandemic began.  It is your cooperation, dedication and continued heart to serve that has allowed Property Management to maintain the facilities, venues, systems and equipment that Auburn has invested in over time.  More importantly, it is you and your dedication that has allowed us to serve the students that remained on campus following Spring Break closure of the Campus. Your presence and dedication performing site critical work is most appreciated by all.  I appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Much work and effort remains in front of us.  We are now challenged with preparing those facilities we serve for an anticipated Fall opening of the campus.  I am certain that, together, we will rise to the occasion. I trust that you share my gratitude to Auburn for the wonderful benefits of continued employment and pay that we have all been so blessed to receive since entering the Alternate Operations mode. Now, we have arrived at a new place in our work life.  Beginning Monday, 11 May, those of us who cannot perform our work remotely will return to campus on a more routine and “normal” schedule.

If your Supervisor has not already done so, he/she will soon be reaching out to you to discuss scheduling and any challenges that you may face regarding a return to work.  We will work with you to navigate and present solutions to any challenges you may face. New leave guidelines have been implemented and those will be shared if they have not already been presented to you. Please feel free to contact your Supervisor to begin planning.

When we return on Monday, and for the foreseeable future thereafter, we will collectively develop our new normal which will include staggered shifts, required social distancing, use of personal protection equipment and perhaps other guidelines as well.  We will all practice these measures together and learn from each other as we move forward.

Again, thank you for all that you have done and will do to keep us successful.  You are the best!